Support Staff

Administration -
  • Operations Manager:   Mr J Adamopoulos
  • Data & Examinations Manager:   Mr P Beal
  • Finance Manager:   Ms N Harrison
  • Finance Assistant:   Ms S Buckley (Tue-Thur-Fri)
  • Administrator / Reception:   Ms K Hill (Mon-Tue-Wed),
  • PA to the Principal and Secretary to the Trust:   Ms M Kelly
  • Office Manager:   Ms J Rothwell
  • HR Officer:   Ms J Ogden
  • Attendance & Welfare Leader:   Ms M Richardson
  • Administrator (Volunteer):   Ms B Pearson
  • Systems Manager:   Ms J Lord
  • Liaison, Welfare & Key Worker:   Ms C Sandiford
Site & Sports Centre -
  • Site Manager:   Mr P Donnelley
  • Assistant Site Manager:   Mr C Smethurst, Mr A Turner
  • Sports Centre Manager:   Mr J Noble
  • Sports Centre Assistant:   Ms S Brown
Cover Supervisors -
  • Teaching Assistant - Level 4 (Cover Supervisor):   Ms K Calderbank
  • Teaching Assistant - Level 4 (Cover Supervisor):   Ms N Abdullah
  • Teaching Assistant - Level 4 (Cover Supervisor):   Ms H Thompson
  • Teaching Assistant - Level 4 (Cover Supervisor):   Mr J Myers
Year Leaders -
  • Year Leader Manager (Year 7 including Transition):   Ms S Leigh
  • Year 11 Leader :   Ms T Hills
  • Year 10 Leader:   Ms S Guy
  • Year 9 Leader:   Ms M Callow
  • Year 8 Leader / Enrichment Co-ordinator:   Mr M Beaumont
  • Year Leader:   Mr I Kawri
SEN & Inclusion -
  • Head of Inclusion (SENCO):   Ms C Fernside
  • SEND Support Co-ordinator:   Ms V Coope
  • TA4 - Emot & Mental:   Ms J May
  • TA4 Internal Isolation:   Mr J Chamberlain
  • TA4 PLB Supervisor:   Ms D Naylor
  • TA4 - Nurture:   Ms K Gee
  • TA3 - EAL / INA:   Ms K Patel
  • TA3:   Ms V Glover, Ms D Curran
  • TA2:   Mr A Campbell, Ms S Beaumont, Ms L Grimes, Ms E Preston, Ms C A Barron, Ms O Hall, Ms M Stevens, Mr J McGill, Ms N Fletcher, Ms S Barlow, Ms M Packwood, Ms A Farthing
    Ms A Kelly, Ms A Marothi
Technicians -
  • Technology Technician:   Ms J Blight
  • Laboratory Technician:   Ms S Taylor
  • Food Technology Technician:   Ms D Rothwell
IT Technicians -
  • IT Manager:   Mr S Kay
  • IT Technician:   Mr P Whittaker