CJP 3662 3


Please note the arrangements for your child during their GCSE examinations in May and June of this term.

All pupils will be following their full timetable throughout the majority of their examinations, and they will be expected to attend school as normal, in full school uniform and fully equipped for their lessons.

Subject areas have arranged pre-exam revision sessions before and during the school day. All morning exams start at 9.00am. The school will run revision sessions starting at 7.45am for an hour before an exam starts. We expect all pupils to attend these when requested to do so by their subject teacher. The school will provide breakfast for those pupils who attend the 7.45am sessions.

On the week beginning Monday 13th June, your child will begin a personalised timetable. The timetable states which periods of the school day your child MUST attend. Where periods of the day are blank, your child does not need to be in school. Again, the school has arranged pre-exam revision classes to take place before the actual exam on that day.

To reiterate, we expect pupils to attend in full school uniform and be equipped and ready to engage in their learning. 

Once your child has completed their final GCSE examination they will not be expected to attend school.

 The school would like to take this opportunity to wish your child every success in their examinations and to thank you for your support throughout the five years your child has been with us at Little Lever School.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Simon Cordwell