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Parental involvement

Booktrust Offer

As a school we place a high emphasis on pupils reading for enjoyment.  As such, every year we take part in a scheme organised by the Booktrust of England.


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The support you give as a parent or carer to your child’s education can have a great impact on their achievements at school. Getting involved can improve their grades, their attitude towards learning and help develop their confidence.

The links below will also give you lots of great advice on how you can make a difference to your child’s learning experience.

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Helping your 14 to 19 year old to learn
More about helping your child to learn

Understanding progess in English: a guide for parents
Understanding progress in Mathematics: a guide for parents

Our commitment to pastoral care

Every student is a member of a House during their time at Little Lever School. A Director of House oversees the development and progress of the students within their House and follows their journey over the five years.

Within each house there is a Pastoral Officer and a group of form tutors who provide excellent pastoral care and support. Group tutors remain with the same group of students throughout years 8-11 enabling them to develop a thorough knowledge and understanding of each individual’s strengths and needs.

Pupil Premium

At Little Lever School we have tailored our intervention strategies to suit the individual needs of our pupils. Using sophisticated monitoring and tracking of pupil progress at whole school, and department level, we have identified those pupils in need of extra help in order for them to reach their targets.

Pupil Premium Intervention Information 2012-13
Pupil Premium Intervention Information 2012