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School Day Structure

The school day at Little Lever School is split up into six teaching periods, a morning break, an extended afternoon tutor period and a lunch break. Each teaching period is 50 minutes long and the extended 20 minute afternoon tutor period gives and extra opportunity for further development of literacy and numeracy skills. Every pupil is issued with a planner and timetable at the start of the academic year. Pupils are expected to be responsible for their own timetable and punctuality to lessons.

The school day is shown below.

8.45am - 9.05 am                  MORNING REGISTRATION

9.05am - 9.55am                   PERIOD 1

9.55am - 10.45am                 PERIOD 2

10.45am - 11.00am               BREAK

11.00am - 11.00am               PERIOD 3

11.50am - 12.40pm               PERIOD 4

12.40pm - 1.25pm                 LUNCHTIME

1.25pm - 2.15pm                   PERIOD 5

2.15pm - 3.05pm                   PERIOD 6