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British Values


At Little Lever School not only are we committed to ensuring that every student achieves things they never thought could, but we take our wider responsibility in preparing students for adult life, beyond the classroom, very seriously through the promotion of British Values.

Through our provision of a Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) learning environment, Little Lever School promotes the fundamental British Values of:

• Democracy
• The Rule of Law
• Individual Liberty
• Mutual Respect
• Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

These values are reinforced in a positive manner throughout our school community; we strongly believe that students should not merely be taught such values but that they are embedded into school life and how we do things.

The information below reflects some of the ways that Little Lever School works to promote positive values through the ethos and life of the school, for example through a broad and balanced curriculum and through social, moral, cultural and spiritual development.



Student Voice is a significant aspect of democratic life here at Little Lever School, with the elected Student Council, The Student Leadership Committee (SLC), playing a strong role within school.

Furthermore, how Britain works as a democratic society is looked at in depth within the school curriculum. Students were involved in our own ‘EU referendum’ following a series of lessons that considered a range of issues and differing points of view. This supported students to develop an understanding of how to present and defend their own point of view.

We deliver an extensive series of ‘Moral Maze’ debate assemblies, the majority of which are developed and presented by Little Lever students. These assemblies focus on different, topical, issues and are followed by discussion and debate that further support our students in developing their ability to present their own point of view. Students are subsequently required to vote to indicate their opinion on the issue. Recent assemblies have considered:

  • Has technology gone too far?
  • Should we use robots over doctors?
  • Can someone who has done bad things in their life become inspirational?
  • Is it wrong to tell a lie to make someone happy?

Student questionnaires and interviews are also conducted throughout the year in order to gain students’ opinions on a wide range of matters, from curriculum content and delivery to logistical matters regarding the school day. We strongly believe that through the formation of the Student Leadership Committee and the active participation of our students we can sow the seeds for a more sophisticated understanding of democracy in the future.



The students of Little Lever School will encounter rules and laws as part of their everyday lives. We believe it is important to not only promote a deep understanding of such laws, but also to appreciate their importance and the fact that they must be adhered to.

Little Lever School has a clear Behaviour for Learning policy that is consistently applied across the school setting. The policy is designed to support students in making the right choices and understand the consequences of not doing so. Further to this, the school places a great sense of importance on the use of rewards to acknowledge the positive contributions and achievements made by our students.

In accordance with our ‘Respect Charter’, students and staff are expected to treat other people and the school environment with respect. The school’s Respect Charter was devised by the Student Leadership Committee, in consultation with staff; the respect charter underpins the core values of everything we do at Little Lever School.

In addition, we raise students’ awareness and understanding of a number of relevant rules of law through our curriculum subjects, most notably through the delivery of the PSHCE Curriculum that often focuses on relevant local issues and topical issues that we as a country may encounter. Little Lever School works closely with the wider community, including the police and fire brigade.

Individual liberty

Students are actively encouraged to make independent choices knowing that they are in a safe, secure and supportive environment. Students are encouraged to know, understand and exercise their rights, responsibilities and personal freedoms and receive advice about how to exercise these safely, for example through our exploration of E-Safety in computing and within PSHCE. This has been further supported by the launch of the ‘Keep It Positive’ (KIP) campaign, which focuses on making the right choices when operating online and communicating with others.

Mutual respect

Respect is at the heart of Little Lever School’s core values and is underpinned by our Respect Charter. This is a set of values that depict the importance of respect between students as well as the two-way respect between staff and students, something we are very proud to say is evident in the Little Lever School environment. Our whole school values of ‘encourage creativity and collaboration’ and ‘people at the heart of everything we do’ reflect this mutual respect whole heartedly.

Mutual respect is also embraced throughout the curriculum from the simple concept of ‘fair play’ in Physical Education to the Student Mentoring Programme in Years 10 and 11 which promote mutual respect and support between staff and students, as well as between students from different year groups.

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Offering a rich and culturally diverse curriculum is of paramount importance to everybody at Little Lever School. An understanding of a range of faiths is developed through our Religious Education programme and messages regarding tolerance and respect for others are reinforced. We also explore a wide range of cultures across our curriculum, from African theatre and the study of ‘Blood Brothers’ in Drama to ‘Tourism: the impact of western tourists on traditional cultures’ in Geography. 

As a school with a wide range of cultures and ethnic backgrounds amongst its student body, we also believe strongly that the best way to gain tolerance is through extending student knowledge and understanding of such cultures. We run a number of overseas trips throughout the academic year, with recent trips to Barcelona and New York particular highlights. We believe that such opportunities for our students will ensure that they gain invaluable experience of other cultures and languages.


Little Lever School is strongly committed to all of its safeguarding responsibilities and the role that British Values plays in this context.



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