Year 7 Parents' Evening - feedback

CJP 9868

A big thank you to all parents, carers and students who attended our Year 7 Parents' Evening last night.

Attendance was at 80.1% - our best ever!!

Please see the image below to view parent questionnaire feedback. Any concerns addressed will be followed up by Year Leader straight after the Easter holiday.

Parent comments: “<My child> has settled in really well and I am pleased with everything so far."

“Excellent evening. So proud how <my child> is doing.”

“I feel that <my child> is learning well, his confidence is growing and he is supported in areas needed.”

“<My child> is enjoying being at this school. I put N/A for question 8 (bullying) as I haven’t had to experience this thankfully. I would definitely recommend the school – my best friend is gutted her son didn’t get in for next year’s admissions.”

“Any issues are dealt with promptly.”


This entry was posted on March 23, 2018