Year 11 Easter Holiday Must-Do Tasks: MATHS

Over the Easter holiday period, all Year 11 students are expected to complete the 'must-do' work tasks set by each subject area. Students must bring back to school their completed work on the first week back after the holidays for their teachers to assess. Invites to the Prom will depend on students completing these tasks. The work is designed to support coursework completion and exam preparation.


To keep up your revision and improve your chances of getting your target grade, you must work on the following.

11p1, 11p2, 11p, 11n1, 11n3, 11n4:

1. Complete the pinpoint sheets for papers 1 and 2 of the recent mocks

2. Complete practice paper set 4, paper 3 (calculator allowed)

11n2, 11p3, 11p4:

Complete the 3 papers provided

All of the above should be given out in class by your teacher on Friday 7th April. They must be completed and handed in during your maths lesson on Monday 24th April. Those that do not complete the work will run the risk of not being invited to Prom, but also, not achieving their target grade in maths.

Extra work:

Log in: (same as school computers)@little-lever

Password: date of birth (e.g.01.01.01)

Every student should have a minimum of 50% of the videos on for your target grade by the end of the Easter holiday. Most of you are a good way there. Your teacher will check after the Easter holiday and again, students who are on track with this will be recommended for Prom invites.

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