Year 10 into Year 11 Core Subject Summer Work


As well as having a well-earned rest over the six-week summer holiday, our core subject teams of English, maths and science have set all Year 10s online study work (listed below) to complete before their return to school in Year 11. This will support them in ensuring they remember and practise the key knowledge needed to be successful in their final GCSE year in their core subject lessons.

We ask that parents/carers support the school and your child in ensuring the work is completed. Due to the online nature of the work, the teams will monitor and track completion levels over the summer.


Students need to complete a total of 3 hours of Seneca Learning (in 30 minute slots over the holiday) based on their key areas for development from the mock exam.

oahw4cstup is the class code they will need to type in to join. They can choose their most relevant classes when they are in there. If any students cannot get internet access at home, please see Ms Calvert tomorrow for an alternative.


Work on their weaknesses using Hegarty Maths

Following the Maths Mock exam, your child was given a PLC detailing their strengths and weaknesses. The PLC contains clip numbers to be used on . Your child should identify a topic marked as red on their PLC and search for that clip on Hegarty. They should then have a go at the quiz for that topic. If they are struggling with the quiz, then they should watch the tutorial video attached to the quiz and take notes. The examples in the videos directly help with the questions in the quizzes. If your child has lost their PLC then an electronic copy of it has been uploaded to Google Classroom in their class folder. Students access Google Classroom using their school email and password.

Use Hegarty Maths to revise topics covered so far

A new feature of Hegarty Maths has been designed to help students remember topics that they have already learned. This is called MemRi and can be accessed from the Hegarty Maths homepage by clicking “Revise” and then “MemRi”. MemRi uses a clever algorithm to create personalised revision quizzes on a variety of topics. If a student answers a question incorrectly then it gives them the ability to watch the tutorial video before attempting the question again.

Practice exam questions

Hegarty Maths is fantastic to equip you with all the knowledge required in the GCSE exams. However, your child also needs reasoning and problem solving skills in order to solve many of the questions asked in the exam. To help develop these skills, lots of Practice Exam Papers have been uploaded to Google Classroom. Alongside the papers are Mark Schemes and Worked Solutions so that your child can mark their work and see exactly how they could have answered a question.


Year 10 have had work published on our online educake resource. These will be tailored to individual classes. Students have their own log in and passwords already set up.

This entry was posted on July 18, 2019