The Praise List


Each week our English, maths and science teams are recording effort scores for every student in Year 11 (1 = outstanding, 2 = good, 3 = requires improvement, 4 = below expectations). Any student with outstanding effort scores in all 3 subjects that week are added to the Year 11 Praise List. Those students' achievements are shared in the Year 11 assembly each Monday, where they receive a chocolate bar and reward points.

We have decided to share those names on our website and Facebook newsfeeds, see the images below. In the first week, over forty students were rewarded, last week over sixty students received rewards.

We ask that students follow this simple formulae: A+E+E=S; Attendance + Effort + Evidence = SUCCESS!

A similar programme will roll out to other year groups over the course of the year. Stay tuned for further reward opportunites announcements in the coming weeks...




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