Students Participate in the Inclusive Games


On Thursday, four students went to Bolton Arena to compete in the Inclusive Games. They represented the school under the name Little Lever Lightening. They had a superb day and performed brilliantly. Mrs Glover has filed a report and photographs from the day:

"It was a nail biting start as we started slow against ‘The Exterminators’, yet with excellent coaching (Coach Cubbins) and a surge of adrenaline the boys pulled back a win of 4-3. The second game - against ‘MSJ Jets’ (Mt St Joseph’s) amazing focus, an excellent shot by McAllister and Cubbins but an unlucky 4-2 loss. The team were not disheartened and showed steely determination. The boys grouped in a circle and talked tactics ready for the final game.

The final game was against the ‘Blackrod Bullets’ (Rivington & Blackrod School). The teams were well matched. Excellent shots from Hollywood and Baker led to a nail biting 7-7 draw. A tie break was called, who would win? Each team was allowed only two shots. ‘Little Lever Lightening’ chose McAllister and Hollywood to take. They had two balls in until the Bullets’ last throw which took the Jack! The ‘Bullets’ taking the win by a whisker! All teams celebrated and showed excellent team spirit. ‘Little Lever Lightening’ will be back for next season with the title in their sights!"






This entry was posted on March 8, 2019