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Students learn about Cambridge University life

Thirty-two Year 10 students attended a talk from Cambridge University at Harper Green School on Tuesday 22nd March.

Students learnt about university life, the kind of courses available for them to study when they get there. Valuable information about financing University, social events and the benefits of attending university for a career. They were also told about different societies they can join to meet other students and fun days, where they can build their own boats!

The school feels learning about University life is crucial for all students at Secondary School so that they understand what the next steps are after GCSEs.

Quotes from our students about the talk:

"I found the talk really interesting."

"I am seriously thinking about going to University."

"I may not go to Cambridge but I will definitely go to University."

"I’d like to build a boat out of cardboard and PVA myself and try to sail in it."


This entry was posted on March 22, 2017