Over the summer holidays all Year 10 students moving into Year 11 are expected to complete the Must-Do Tasks set by each subject area.

Students must bring their completed work on the first week back after the summer holidays for their teachers to mark.

The work is designed to support their learning and ensure they stay on track and fully prepared for their busy Year 11 GCSE year.

Please find below the Separate Science Must-Do Task (this can also be found on the 24/7 learning platform and on the school's Facebook news feed);



Your PLCs that I put together for you following your exams this summer term, were based upon your responses to the questions.

What I would like you to do over the summer is the following:

  1. Have your exam papers (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) with you, alongside your PLC for each of them.
  2. If there are any Reds, focus on these first, followed by the Yellows.
  3. Use your syllabus, revision guides, and your notes, to do some independent work on the areas you underperformed in, ensuring you fully understand them.
  4. A suggestion would be for you to annotate the page of your exam, or your syllabus, as some of you do, with relevant information.
  5. In the Autumn term we will be doing another paper, covering questions from the same topics, in the same order as your summer exams, so treat this as revision.

Remember, you all worked very hard towards your summer exams, and you just need to keep up the momentum as you move into Year 11.

Don’t be bored over summer; chip away at the areas you struggle with the most, in blocks of 30ish minutes at a time. You will feel better in September when you fully know your stuff!

This entry was posted on August 20, 2017