PHOTOGRAPHY Year 10 Must-Do Task

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Over the summer holidays all Year 10 students moving into Year 11 are expected to complete the Must-Do Tasks set by each subject area.

Students must bring their completed work on the first week back after the summer holidays for their teachers to mark.

The work is designed to support their learning and ensure they stay on track and fully prepared for their busy Year 11 GCSE year.

Please find below the Photography Must-Do Task (this can also be found on the 24/7 learning platform and on the school's Facebook news feed);


Year 10 into Year 11 Summer 2017 Must-Do Task - Photography

Mock Exam – 2nd Photo Shoot

Based on the question you (the student) has chosen for your Photography Mock Exam project (Detail, Motion, Out of Place, Architecture, etc.), over the 6 week holiday you must produce a SECOND photo shoot which will either add to your first shoot or improve on the first shoot you have taken.


Photo shoots must consist of a MINIMUM of 30 photographs. A subject matter should be taken NUMEROUS TIMES, from different viewpoints to give you more choice when it comes to choosing the shot you want to edit.

Check focus is sharp on the chosen focal point of the photo.

Make sure any unnecessary objects or people a not in the frame.

Avoid fingers appearing in the corners of photos.


REMEMBER: Your unedited photo shoots are marked and make up 25% of your overall grade.

This photo shoot has to be brought in on the FIRST WEEK BACK IN SEPTEMBER to make into contact sheets for your mock exam PowerPoint.



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