Performing Arts Tickets on Sale

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We are pleased to announce that tickets for Mary Poppins Jnr and the School Christmas Concert are now on sale. If you would like to book/reserve tickets them please see Mr Poole.

Mary Poppins Jnr – Tickets £5

Mary Poppins Jnr takes place Tuesday 3rd, Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th December at 7.30pm (approx. 1hr duration). Tickets are £5 to cover the cost of the Mary Poppins license and prop/set costs etc. Pupils (and staff) have been working extremely hard and the show promises to great. Drew Gudojc is Mary Poppins, Sophia Magari and Seb Ramdeal as the children Jane and Michael and Lily Phillips as Bert!

Music Christmas Concert and Foden’s Band - Tickets £3 (staff and pupils) £5 other guests.

As per usual we have our fantastic Christmas concert in the sports hall on Tuesday 17th December – 7.30pm (approx. 2hr duration). Our school acts will perform in the first half (wind band, vocal group, drum group, guitar group etc) which will again be concluded by a short sport from St Matthews Primary School Brass Band. The second half will see Foden’s Band on stage and this time, three of our pupils will be guest soloists with Foden’s. It will be a memorable experience for the pupils involved, Drew Gudojc, Joel Wolstencroft and Csenge Kosaras. The band will perform Christmas classics and if like concerts in previous years it will be a fantastic evening.

Please see Mr Poole you would like any tickets reserved for both/either of the above events.

Copy of Mary Poppins Made with PosterMyWall 1

This entry was posted on November 4, 2019