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Owen Ward-Scott - Darts Superstar

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Owen Ward-Scott in Year 10 has, for many years, had a real passion, interest and skill in playing darts. He has been committed to working really hard on perfecting his darts skills, and as such, is now performing at a high level for his age where he is now becoming recognise at a senior level.

To put his into perspective, Owen tells us how he recently played and came within one dart of achieving the magic nine-dart finish (two 180s, treble 20, treble 19 and just missed the treble 12!)

Owen represents Lancashire County u21s. He plays in the Manchester Super league on a Sunday, Monday/Tuesday Bolton league and Thursday Bury league. He has been entered to play darts in the Isle of Man Competition on the 9th - 12th March 2017.  He has also been invited to play in the German Open in April.

Owen is currently in talks and is having a meeting in the near future to play for Bolton Super 8s after being seen perform superbly in Bury darts competition recently. He has also recently signed a sponsorship deal with D. Havilland Ltd, which cover all his playing costs and which will give him a real opportunity to pursue his ambitions. Owen goes by the name of 'Wardy Wipeout' and his moto is the Latin word 'Ferox' which means 'fearless'!

Owen is playing a lot of darts but is aware of how important his education is. Owen chose not to play in a key competition due to his exams. Owen shows a fantastic attitude and a hard working approach to his work in school and his burgeoning darts career.

The school is very proud of Owen and wishes him every success in his upcoming competitions.

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This entry was posted on November 10, 2016