OfSTED Inspection Report


Dear parents/carers

I have made our recent OfSTED report available for parents and carers to view on our website.

The school was judged as requires improvement for its overall effectiveness.  This judgement was anticipated and was in line with our own self-evaluation of the school.

Our school is on a journey which started in September 2017. 

We have changed many aspects of the school to put learning at the centre of what we do.  We have put a wide range of steps and strategies in place to help our students rapidly improve the progress they make so they achieve brilliant outcomes (GCSE results) at the end of Year 11.  Many of these strategies are beginning to have an impact but have not yet had the time to become fully embedded and as a result we have not yet had the impact we would want.

OfSTED recognised much of the good work that is taking place in the school.  The behaviour, personal development and welfare of students is Good and OfSTED commented on exceptional practice with regard to this area.    We are proud we have created an ethos and culture of care, support and aspiration in the school which is ready to allow students to achieve things they never thought they could and this was recognised by OfSTED.

We know we have areas we need to improve and we have clear plans in place to do this. 

We are determined to create an ‘Outstanding school’ for this community.  A place where students can be inspired to learn about the academic subjects they study, themselves and the world in which they live.  We have started to create the foundations for this to happen and while there are many positive aspects about this work, which have been recognised by OFSTED, the Department for Education and the Parliamentary Review, we are still on this journey and have more to do to create an Outstanding school.

I wanted to thank parents and carers for your ongoing support.  It is your invaluable feedback, your words of encouragement and support for your children and the school that make a difference.

I will be holding a Parent Forum on 22nd January at 6pm for any parent who would like to discuss the recent OfSTED report in more detail or any other items you may wish to discuss.  It will be a great opportunity to share the report with parents in more detail and also to listen your concerns, ideas and feedback.

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your ongoing support.  I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year!


Yours faithfully

Mr McKeon


OfSTED Report




This entry was posted on January 7, 2019