Students Enjoy the Challenge of Science

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On Wednesday 21st June, twelve gifted and talented Year 8 and Year 9 science students attended the annual Bolton Science and Technology Challenge Day, where they competed against other schools in three different challenges. The day gave them an enjoyable insight into a higher level of Science and Technology. The activities included,

  • Robotics –Building and programming a robot to navigate a series of obstacles.
  • E-FIT –Using police software to create an image of a ‘criminal’.
  • Vehicle –Asked to design, build and then race a simple electric vehicle.

The students were engaged, passionate, inspired and thoroughly enthused by the event and the workshops that were involved. Students particularly enjoyed creating the e-fit image, which our team won against other competitive schools from the local area. The students were a pleasure to take to this event and fantastic representatives of the school.

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IMG 5272


This entry was posted on June 21, 2017