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Matthew Howells and Lucy Doyle Star at the Octagon Theatre


Matthew Howells in Year 10 and Lucy Doyle in Year 8 have beaten hundreds to be selected to play the lead roles of ‘Scout’ and ‘Jem’ in the professional production of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, running from Thursday 8th September to Saturday 15th October. Both pupils were put forward for the roles after really impressing in drama lessons.


The production so far has proved to be a great learning curve for both pupils who are very interested in going into the profession full time upon leaving school. It’s allowed them to experience first-hand the rigours of being part of a professional production and has also filled them both with confidence.



Mr Tuff reports, "I’m incredibly proud of both Matthew and Lucy. The feedback I’ve received from the Octagon is extremely positive. For two pupils to make such an impact is a real credit to them both. The fact that they haven’t allowed such a big commitment affect their schoolwork in any way shows what a credit they both are to the school. Both pupils were already very accomplished performers but, as a result of this production, I’ve seen them grow and develop hugely. I really do believe that this is just the beginning for both of them."

This entry was posted on October 1, 2016