Letter from the Principal and Chair of the Trust


Dear Parent/Carer

Over the summer, we made some changes to our school building and our lunchtime arrangements.  I want to write to you to inform you that the Governing Body met last week to discuss the concerns that were raised by some parents, carers and students about these changes.

Below I outline our reasons for making the changes.  I also address the issues that were raised by some parents, carers and students.

Our school population is growing.  We have an agreed Pupil Admission Number (PAN) with the Local Authority, which is the maximum number of students the school can take on roll.  We are expected to reach our PAN in 2019/20.  Each year we have students on our waiting list for admissions and each year this list is growing.

The core purpose of Little Lever School is to enable your children to achieve things they never thought they could.  In order to achieve this we want effective classrooms and learning areas. This summer we have invested considerable funds to provide more classrooms that are multi-use, ICT equipment and other facilities to ensure we can provide the best opportunities for your children.

One of our initiatives was a new ‘open plan’ toilet block.  In the block, there are separate cubicles for boys and girls.  Boys do not use the same cubicles as the girls. The cubicle doors go from the floor to the ceiling and there are sanitary bins in every girls’ cubicle.  There are communal sinks for the use of both boys and girls.

Some parents, carers and students expressed concerns about these toilet arrangements.  Responding to these concerns the Governing Board made the decision to open up the girls’ toilet block on the opposite side of the school building at lunchtime.  If they wish, girls will now be able to use this toilet block over lunchtime as they have done previously. 

Our decision to move to a split lunch was to ensure we could feed every student and, given our rising student numbers, create an environment that was safe where students were ready to learn in their afternoon lessons.  We now feed all students over a one hour period for lunch which is split into two 30 minute sittings.  Year 7 and 8 eat lunch together and Year 9, 10 and 11 eat together.  Previously, all our students ate in one 45-minute sitting.  There is always enough food to feed every student and we insist that students eat their lunch before they return to their lesson.  On the first day, our new Year 7 students are getting used to a new system and are, therefore, slower than other year groups.  This has always been the case.  It did mean some students may have arrived late to their afternoon lesson.  We expect this during the first few days and our teachers make adjustments in their lessons to accommodate this.  The new system is now working well.  During the lunch break, all students are fed and have enough time to enjoy their recreation.  Moreover, they are on time to their afternoon lessons.

I will be holding a parent forum meeting at the school on Tuesday 9th October 6-7pm.  The parent forum is designed to gather the views of parents i.e. what works well and what we can improve as a school.  I hope many of you will be able to attend.  I would welcome your thoughts and ideas on how the school can continue to move forward.

Kind regards,

Mr D McKeon, Principal

Ms K Carter, Chair of the Trust

This entry was posted on September 17, 2018