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Keoghs Solicitors in Bolton

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On Tuesday 4th October, a number of our Year 11 students with ambitions to develop a career in law, were taken to Keoghs Solicitors in Bolton to take part in a first-hand experience of the recruitment process potential candidates go through to be employed by the firm. This is a part of the on-going Gold Award winning CEIAG support the school provides our students.

During the day, students completed an online competency test, produced a CV, took a written exam and were given a formal one-to-one interview with the staff from Keoghs.

Students learnt how to conduct themselves during an assessment date in a professional working environment. They also learnt how important it is to meet deadlines. In addition, they gained a valuable insight and experience on how to apply for a specific job role.

A representative from Keoghs stated, “It was the first time we’d run anything like this and we really did enjoy having them for the day, what an amazing group of students you have.”

Feedback from our students was also very positive, “The job interview was realistic and made it feel like I was applying for a real job. It helped improve my confidence and helped me experience what a job interview was like and a day in work.”

Well done to everyone involved.

This entry was posted on October 4, 2016