It has been reported by a parent that yesterday, at 4.30 pm two men tried to drag one of our Year 7 pupils into their van. The pupil had visited ‘Cube’ in Little Lever with his friends. The pupil split away from his friends to walk home.

While walking along Mytham Road a small, red, very shiny Mercedes van began to follow him with a 15 reg plate.

Two men got out of the van and tried to grab hold of him – but he was able to escape.

One of the men (the driver of the van) was Asian, with a beard. The other man was white, tall and with a long grey beard

The police are aware of this incident and are investigating it seriously.

Please be vigilant while going home today and throughout the holidays.

Try to avoid walking alone and stay to well-lit routes. Report anything you are concerned about to your parents, the police or a trusted adult.

This entry was posted on December 21, 2017