Goodbye and good luck to Year 11

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Today (Friday 16th June) saw Year 11 finish their time here at Little Lever School. Year 11 Leader Miss Whittle-Darrock and Mr Wilkes led a goodbye assembly after their science exams as an opportunity to reflect on the past 5 years and to say a fond farewell.

The school would like to share the speech Miss Whittle-Darrock made which perfectly sums up their time at Little Lever.

"When you were younger, you all wanted this day to come so quickly. To leave school is such a momentous time in your precious lives, as years of learning, laughing and growing comes to a close in the secondary chapter.

I really struggled to write this because every few lines tears blotted out my writing as I thought of the fabulous events and students in this year. I am proud to say you are my first year group to take through to the final day of school. I’ve always said this is my favourite year group and I have been privileged to know such a marvellous group of young adults.

From the outset, I chose to take this year group because I wanted a challenge. I have enjoyed being your Year Leader because I felt I took you under my wing as my 'pupils'. I have always said I would treat you exactly like I would my own kids.

I talked about being a team and it was about us working together. Although there has been tantrums, tears, lots of paracetamol and cups of tea we have got there together and there was always someone there to put a smile on my face. I feel from this that you have developed into hard working, mature, enthusiastic young adults but more importantly, you are polite, caring and genuine members of society.

Along the way, I have supported some of you with personal tough times and emotional journeys. These pupils know who they are and when things get tough for you, take a deep breath and remember how far you have come. Believe in yourself, I always have believed in you, just like I have with you all. Even though I have spoken to some more than others, I just wanted to highlight the ones I haven’t, your attitude, effort and commitment didn't go unnoticed... I am proud of you.

But, in fact, you all make me proud and I take great comfort in knowing that the talent in this room will produce doctors, teachers, paramedics, police men and women, accountants, writers, dentists, builders, plumbers, politicians, vets and the list goes on. You are at the start of a thrilling chapter!

One thing I am sure, is that I and your fantastic teachers here at Little Lever, have prepared you all for life beyond these doors and walls. Life outside of Little Lever does exist. Push yourself, take on challenges and explore this wonderful world. Stick strong with your friends, family and loved ones. Trust your instincts and take opportunities to better yourself.

But sadly, the start of a new chapter always means the previous one has to come to an end. Even in the most exciting of books end far too quickly. Especially our chapter. Good luck in everything you all do. Have fun and enjoy!"

The assembly also showed a video showing photographs and memories over the five years our Year 11 students have spent here. Please click the link below to see the leavers video:

We love 11

This entry was posted on June 16, 2017