GCSE Success!

GCSE results

GCSE Success!


Well done to all our Y11 students who achieved their GCSE results this year.  The academy has made rapid improvement in English and maths with 56% of students achieving Grade 4+ in English and maths.  This replaces the old A*-C measure in English and maths and this year we improved this by 7 percentage points!  Y11 put a phenomenal amount of effort in this year and many students left with the outcomes they need to move into further education, employment or training and we are very proud of their achievements!

Our maths outcomes improved by a huge 12 percentage points with 66% of students achieving a Grade 4+ (A*-C) and our English outcomes improved as well with 63% of students achieving a Grade 4+ (A*-C).

As I said at our recent ‘Open Evening’ this is the start of great things to come.  We have put a number of things in place in a very short space of time to really help the young people who attend Little Lever achieve things they never thought they could.  The students are always at the centre of our thought processes and we work hard to improve their life chances and ensure they achieve the best outcomes they can.  Even though this is a great improvement I believe there is so much more to come from the students at Little Lever!

Our current Y11 are already working hard to eclipse the class of 2017 with many attending our Lesson 7 and ‘Nightclub’ sessions after school as well as working hard in their classrooms everyday.  Their Personalised Learning Checklists (PLC) are helping them see what they need to improve and staff are acting on this to help and support them.  I have great confidence they will achieve great things this year and we will continue to help and support them to achieve things they never thought they could.

I would also like to thank our parents and carers for the wonderful support you give to your children and our academy.  It provides great comfort and inspiration for our students when you do this and I look forward to another successful year at Little Lever this year.  Thank you!

Mr Mckeon


This entry was posted on October 15, 2017