Bolton Evening News Reported Incident

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As Head teacher, I just wanted to reassure parents / carers that the incident that has recently been publicised in the Bolton Evening News has been resolved.

Our morning duty team were quickly at the scene and ensured students were safe.  Staff asked the woman in question to move away and stayed in the area until all students were safely in school.  The Police were contacted and those students involved were spoken to and were offered further support.

As a senior team we are always on duty, in high-vis jackets, on the main road before and after school every day to ensure our students are safe.  The team responded rapidly and ensured the situation de-escalated quickly. 

As we approach the winter months we always advise students to stick to the main roads and walk to and from school in pairs or groups and to be vigilant at all times. 

This was an unfortunate incident but one which showed the quick thinking of students, staff and members of the community working together to de-escalate the situation and keep our community safe.


Yours faithfully

Mr Mckeon

This entry was posted in Latest News and posted on October 1, 2019