BBC at Little Lever School


We are incredibly proud to have been selected for the BBC Teach series. The series entitled ‘Lessons In’ is based on 5 minute short films that feature schools and are based around a specific topic. The ‘Lessons In’ films are celebratory ‘top tips’ style videos that enable teachers to see what schools are doing that really works for them and provide inspirational insights into the schools and the journeys some teachers have been on.

The BBC will be in the school on Friday 1st November. Filming will show different aspects of the school day including classroom teaching, corridors during lesson changes and break times. The filming will feature teachers and students’ life at the school.
As the BBC are filming a typical day your child may be voluntarily or involuntarily be part of the footage. We need to ensure we have your consent in order for your child or children to be filmed on the day.

You will find linked below the BBC consent form for your child to be included in the filming. You would have received a text message  from the school. Please reply to the text indicating YES or NO for each child attending the school. The replies must be sent by 12 noon tomorrow, Thursday 31st October.

Students that do not wish to take part will be given designated areas and times where no filming will be taking place.
This is a unique opportunity and one which allows to celebrate the great work students and staff are doing and to showcase ‘best practice’ to other schools across the country. We hope that you will consent for your child to take part in this and continue to support the school.

Yours faithfully
Dominic Mckeon


This entry was posted on October 30, 2019