Amazing GCSE Product Design practical outcomes

IMG 3679

The school is very proud to share some the amazing Year 11 Product Design practical work which our Year 11 students have been working on this year. Each student has planned, designed, manufactured and assembled their final piece as a part of their coursework element of their qualification. Students have produced a range of products, from tables and chairs to light fittings and mirrors.

As I'm sure you'll agree, the complexity of skills and design features in each piece is of a really high standard. Mrs Ward, Head of Technology, writes; "I am extremely proud of the work these students have produced. Their work has progressed amazingly well and some of the final outcomes have gone beyond what the students initially designed and planned for."

Please enjoy some of the work below:

IMG 0370

IMG 0481

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 IMG 3635

IMG 3664

IMG 3666

IMG 3673

IMG 3675

IMG 3679

IMG 3687

IMG 3689

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This entry was posted on June 14, 2017