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About exams at Little Lever School

Key Stage 3 (KS3)

Little Lever School acknowledges that assessment will be undertaken in a range of different ways to best meet the requirements of individual subjects. However, all assessment will embrace the school’s assessment policy and support the development of a Growth Mindset culture. Assessment will be evident in every lesson and may include:

-               Day-to-day in-school formative assessment

Formative assessment is used to address knowledge, skills and understanding, and to identify gaps and misconceptions; teachers will ensure that pupils have a secure understanding of key ideas and concepts before moving onto the next phase of learning.

- In-school summative assessment

Summative assessment provides pupils with information about how well they have learned and understood a topic or course of work taught over a period of time. It will be used to provide feedback on how they can continue to improve. Summative assessment data will also be used to report to parents / carers about the progress and/or achievement of their children. Summative assessment enables teachers to evaluate both pupil learning and the impact of their own teaching allowing them to plan for subsequent teaching and learning.

In addition, pupils in year 7, 8 and 9 sit externally set examinations in English, maths and science to monitor achievement and progress against national standards in these subjects.



Little Lever School complies with all rules and regulations set by the Joint Council of Qualifications, and expects the same from pupils; these regulations are outlined in the, ‘Warning to Candidates’ and ‘Mobile Phones’ links below.  In addition to these, school expectation and guidelines are contained in the ‘Student Guide to GCSE Exams’ document.

A ‘Statement of Entry’ form is posted home during the spring term so that both candidates and parents can check entries and the details that appear for the candidate.  Once these have been checked and verified, candidates will receive an ‘individual candidate timetable’ outlining all of the details of their examinations in the season.

GCSE exams are held in May and June of year 11. Pupils are expected to attend all exams that they are entered for and penalties may arise if they do not, as outlined in the school's exam policy.  (See below.)

Controlled Assessments and coursework is still an integral part of a number of GCSE courses. These are usually completed during class time and individual subject teachers will inform candidates of dates and deadlines surrounding these.

An outline of the GCSE timetable will be available here  when it is finalised: this is likely to be the December or January of the academic year.

Download School Exam Policy