Little Lever Art department is committed to providing a curriculum that is broad, balanced, challenging and encourages a love of learning. We like to offer a curriculum that all pupils can access so that they can achieve what they never thought they could.

We are an inclusive department and value the contribution that creative and practical learning supports a child’s development with the other subjects.

Art is subject to an ongoing and rigorous review process, using our analysis of data to ensure that the curriculum is effective in meeting the needs of all students.

We hope that our curriculum provides pupils with the opportunities to be independent, creative and exploratory practitioners. Pupils will develop an understanding of how Art and Design practices influence our everyday lives through the study of contextual knowledge and skills based activities. We develop student’s abilities foremost in the areas of drawing, both observational and imaginative.


Implementation of the curriculum

 Year 7

Pupils are taught in mixed ability groups in Year 7.

Pupils will be introduced to the basic drawing skills in Art. They will sit a baseline drawing assessment to test their ability in observation drawing. They will be taught how use artists as a source of inspiration through the Art Timeline and other artists links.

The basics of drawing and painting will be taught and pupils will learn how to use a variety of media.

Pupils will be expected to produce work tonal pencil, watercolour, digitally and mixed media including collage.

Homework tasks are set every four weeks and  will contribute to their personal journey in Art and play an integral part in their class work development. Some homework’s will be directly linked to the Art Timeline.


Year 8

Pupils are taught in ability groups in y8. Pupils will increase their skills taught in Year 7. Drawing and painting skills will be developed more and pupils will experience a wider variety of media to complete work. Topics covered will be Portraiture and Lettering.

Homework tasks will contribute to their personal journey and play an integral part in their class work development, again some Homework’s will be linked to the Art Timeline.

The option process takes place during Y8.  During this time pupils will have the opportunity to gain a greater insight into what Art has to offer.

We offer three subjects within Art, they are Art and Design, Photography and Fashion/ Textiles.


Year 9 & Year 10 

All options within Art are topic based and will work to a theme decided on by their teacher.

The projects will cover all 4 Assessment Objectives set by the AQA exam board criteria.

Outcomes for art and design will range from 2D and 3D work including ceramics, themes are based on The Mexican Day of the Dead and ‘The Everyday.’

Photography outcomes are based on given themes such as Urban and Portraiture.

Fashion/Textiles outcomes are very diverse and are based on themes such as Nature and a skirt project based on the work of Alison Willoughby.

A third project is studied which is based around a pupils personal choice of theme.

They will explore, experiment and develop independent working skills in all areas of Art which will enable them to achieve a personal response. All the work in their portfolios, including homework will be counted towards the coursework element of the GCSE criteria. Their portfolio forms 60% of their overall grade.


Year 11

During the final year, pupils will reflect, refine and adapt coursework projects. Constant critique and development will ensure sound admissions for coursework. In January, pupils will begin the final exam, they will respond to one exam question from the choice on the AQA paper. Pupils will follow an independent course of study in preparation for a 10 hour eternally set exam. The external exam is entirely practical and forms 40% of their overall grade.




The department is committed to providing extra learning opportunities at Key Stage 4. Holiday workshops and after school period 7 lessons are very well attended and enjoyed.

The Art club runs on a Thursday night every week from 3.05pm – 5.00pm. Pupils can catch up work and develop work further.  It is a fantastic working atmosphere where pupils are supervised by specialist Art staff and have access to all equipment.  They are provided with refreshments.



We are proud of the outcomes our pupils achieve as a result of the broad based Art curriculum tailored to suit pupils of every ability. Many pupils go onto further and higher study in Art, Textiles and Photography at sixth form.