Year 7 students discover the values of team building, practical life skills and resilience at the Bushcroft residential

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On Monday 11th September, 105 of our Year 7 students headed to Bushcraft for a residential activity camp. The students departed school at approximately 9am for an action packed few days.

The Bushcrafters took part in many activities that included; learning how to start fires in several different ways, cooking their own kebabs over their fires, taking part in... an a first aid survival plane crash experience – SOS scenario, taking part in team building games and tribal activities, eating a fish eye for those that volunteered, shelter building, eating smores around camp fire, a cutting tools workshop, camouflage and concealment exercise. All students worked together in tribes through the activities to build new skills and meet new people. Students shared a tent with someone they picked. It was a non-stop outdoor adventure.

Despite having to come home early due to weather warnings, the trip was a huge success and overall, students thoroughly enjoyed the time they spent there. Some students tried things they have never done before, some ate food they have never tried before, some made new friends, but all in all everyone got something positive from the trip.

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This entry was posted on September 15, 2017