Year 11 Photography must-do tasks - Xmas work

CJP 9707

The PowerPoints for BOTH projects you have been working on this term must be completed by Monday 8th January 2018 (this is 60% of your final grade). This is to ensure you are fully focused on the GCSE EXAM PROJECT you will start on Tuesday 9th January (which is 40% of your final grade).

The PowerPoints must include the following slides:

Title page

At least 3 slides with written research and images of the type of photography and key photographers linked to the theme (e.g. Urban: ‘What is urban photography?’, Paul Politis, ‘People Will Always Need Plates’, Nicholas Goodden, Shinichi Higashi)

Photo shoot plan slide

Contact sheet slide(s)

Photoshop editing slides showing screenshots and annotations on how and why you have edited in such a way

A written plan on how you will present your final prints.

You need to make sure all your final Photoshop edits are saved as JPEG files in a folder ready for printing.

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