Year 11 Easter holiday must-do tasks: ART & DESIGN

CJP 9679

In order to be fully prepared and ready for their 10 hour Art GCSE exam starting on Monday 9th April, the school is setting Easter holiday Must-Do tasks to complete. Please find below the Art homework:

You must make sure you have all the following in your folder before you come back after Easter as your exam starts on the first day back. Bring all this work in the exam room with you.

Final Checklist for Exam:

1. Introduction- Explaining what you are going to do in the project and how you are going to go about answering the questions.

2. Mind Map on your theme/Question

3. Artist Research including 4-5 images of the Artist work and a written Biography.

4. Images collected relating to your theme so that you can draw from in a variety of media.

5. Further developed drawings making links and decision which images can be developed further.

6. Samples of a variety of techniques that are produced from related images that you have developed.

7. Sketches that relate to your Artist and theme or question.

8. Further development of ideas before you SELECT what you want to use for your final piece.

9. Annotations about the decisions made and explain any techniques and why they have been useful in your development of your ideas. (See the Annotation hand out sheet)

10.  A written statement of what and how you are going to produce for your final piece.

11.  A drawn draft copy of your final piece for your final piece including labels and colours.

12. Marquette’s of the final piece, if it is a 3D piece, otherwise you should have samples on anything that is going to be included on the final piece.

13. A 10 Hour plan of what you are going to do in the exam

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