CJP 9767

Over the summer holidays all Year 10 students moving into Year 11 are expected to complete the Must-Do Tasks set by each subject area.

Students must bring their completed work on the first week back after the summer holidays for their teachers to mark.

The work is designed to support their learning and ensure they stay on track and fully prepared for their busy Year 11 GCSE year.

Please find below the Resistant Materials Must-Do Task (this can also be found on the 24/7 learning platform and on the school's Facebook news feed);


Must Do Task – Resistant Materials Summer 2017

Deadline: September 2017

1. Using the A3 sheet providedto students in lesson: Draw between 6 and 9 2D pencils sketches with added colour in pencil crayon. The sketches should be of speakers, MP3 players, docking stations. They should be “in the style of” Memphis. There are colour pictures at the top of your page for inspiration. You can also look on the internet for ideas. Sketches must be neat and fill the page. You do not need to write anything.

2. Complete the exam paper. You can use any sources for research or assistance – your DO NOT need to do it from memory!

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