More success at the Best of Bolton exhibition

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The school is proud to report that Year 11 student Megan Holroyd won the Young Artist of the Year award at the Best of Bolton exhibition last night.

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Megan's piece based on black and white architectural photography was chosen by the judging panel of the Bolton Arts Society as a standout piece in the exhibition.

Many congratulations to Megan, who attended the exhibition with her family. Megan received a certificate, trophy and art pack from the judges.

A big well done to all our students who exhibited work, and particularly those students and their families who attended the exhibition last night at Bolton University. The school is extremely proud of you all.

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A full list of students whose work is on display is listed below:

Christina Rhodes

Lizzie Curran

Mai Srihera

Callum Makin

Rebecca Grixti

Chloe Brown

Finlay Gunn

Jamie Wilcock

Cory Collard-King

Megan Holdroyd

Ellen Rimmer

Lucy Slater

Levi Howarth

Suna Hasanova

Eeman Shagofta

Lucy Ryder

Emilie Clark

Edvard Velicka

Abby Metcalfe

Grace Harrison

Sarah-Leya Ahmed

Ella Lieberman

Jak Taylor

Scott Russell

Laiba Ahmed

Tyler Howarth

Ahmaad Ismail

Layton Washbrook

Louis Travis

Anastasia Bennett

Connor Wallis

Csenge Kosaras

Tyler Fong

Charlotte Rainey

Chelsea Bailey

Mae Evans

Megan Stockton

Izzy Wolfenden

Caitlin Barlow

Grace Dickinson

Rebekah Brownbill

Lucas Howarth

Jessica Mottershead

Ethan Hulme

Niall Foley

Tosseeb Ahmed

Jack Brown

Ross Barton

Harrison Ward

Ellie Rourke

Lucy Warburton

Kane Kirkman

Holly Thomas

Hannah Tipping

Thomas Dawson

Abigail Ringrose

Owen Openshaw

Chantelle Roberts

Oliver Mortimer

Amy Wilson

Rodrigo Dos Santos Costa

Josh Wallis

Katie Blaxall

Lewis Clee

Katie Rossington

Megan Holdroyd

Matthew Steel

Ben Ireland J

ack Coffey

This entry was posted on June 27, 2018