Little Lever School French Ski Trip report

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Please read below the report written by Mr Tuff on the Easter holiday Ski Trip:

On Friday 15th April a party of 27 very excited adventurers lead by myself and my team of staff set off on a marathon 22 hour bus journey to the  ski resort of Le Corbier found high in the French Alps. After a journey that was filled with lots of games, quizzes, ‘are there yets?’ and moaning at the fact that French services don’t have McDonalds, we arrived, very tired but excited and keen to get started on the slopes. The first task upon arrival was to get ski fitted and after everyone was kitted out with, boots ,helmets, skis and ski poles (not sticks or rods or stabbers as they became known ha.) We were ready to enjoy the sun and explore the resort whilst doing a clue lead treasure hunt before getting an early night ready for a day on the slopes.

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It was an early start on the Sunday but that wasn’t going to deter us. We met our three instructors for the week; Eric, Michael and Phillipe and we set off learning how to ski. The morning session saw the majority of the time spent rolling in the snow whilst still trying to get to grips with skiing, the pupils showed great resilience however and by the end of the session some of them had skied roughly 5 km and were now ready to start practicing on button lifts and putting some turns together.

After refuelling with some burger and chips we were ready to go again. We went off this time and started the lesson by trying to use button lifts. After lots of laughs and numerous people sliding backwards back down the hill, the group managed to get to grips with button lifts. The next task now was for some of the group to learn to safely ‘plough’ and the others to learn how to put turns together. Once again great progress was made and we left with the praise from the instructors still ringing in our ears. That evening the group enjoyed a games night consisting of many different weird and wonderful games.

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The next day the morning session, Eric and Phillipe had decided that 14 of the group were now advanced enough to head up to the summit of the mountain and try some of the more advanced slopes. After getting on the chair lift and a very funny dismount by myself, Jack and Miss Kipps, that saw me veer off and get stuck in a barrier, Miss Kipps roll halfway down the hill and Jack lying underneath the chair lift. We were ready for anything Eric and Phillipe had up their sleeves. Their plan this morning was for us to take on our first green slope. This was when we first started to pick up some real speed and when we really started to see our pupils adventurous side.

The afternoon session saw more people progress to the top of the mountain and only a small group stay on the nursery slopes still practicing using the button lifts and putting a series of turns together.  That evening the activity was bum boarding and sledging which saw pupils sliding down smaller hills on a ‘bum board’ and sledging. A great time was had by all and of course it finished with a good old fashioned snow ball fight which saw poor Miss Kipps take the brunt of it.

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The next four days were much the same, highlights included the day spent skiing in the neighboring resort of La Toussiere, the view from point massif and the pupils highlight, me falling whilst trying to show off and breaking my phone in the process. Throughout this time the pupils were making alarmingly quick progress skiing and Eric the ESF instructor stated that he’d very rarely seen pupils progress so quickly and the fact that we had pupils who at the start of the week had never skied before but were now tackling red slopes was something we should be really proud of. Throughout the trip pupils were a credit to the school and a real joy to be around and I am incredibly proud of every single one of them.

This entry was posted on April 19, 2017