Key Stage 4 Information Evening Presentation

IMG 2773

For those parents/carers and students who were not able to make the Year 9 Key Stage 4 Information Evening on Monday 4th February, we have provided a link below to the presentation materials which were shown on the night.


The key points in helping students be effective and successful learners, both in and outside of school are:

1. Use the phrase “You did well, you tried hard”
2. Use the parent app for homework
3. Create a timetable with 30 minute blocks for independent work/homework and test them.
4. Watch the video on how to learn/revise
5. Firstly believe they can do it! Next ensure they put the effort in to get there!
6. Ensure good attendance
7. Get the balance right; don’t burn out. Start revising in smaller chunks now in Year 9.

This entry was posted on February 5, 2019