Key Stage 3 'bucket list' ideas

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Over the course of this year the school has been fielding ideas from staff and students about a proposed Key Stage 3 'Bucket List' for Year 7 and 8 students to experience during their time in school.

The lure of social media and internet driven culture has made many of the simple pleasures in life an unknown experience to the next generation of youngsters.

With this in mind, the school would like to ask our parents and carers for a bucket list of experiences young people may never get to do outside of school. These can be very simple, as seen from the suggestions staff and students have compiled below.

We'd love to hear from you by commenting in the replies attached to this post...

Eat a restaurant (no mobile phones allowed)

Watch a play

Visit an art gallery

Walk in the countryside

Visit a city

Residential abroad University trip

Visit a museum Army survival course

Bushcraft trip

First aid course

Cook a meal for 4 people

Manage money (PFEG)

Play a board game

Go to a sporting event

Watch a concert

Community / charity walk

Mountain walk

Swim in the sea

Digital detox

Ship trip / canal boat

Train ride

Write a letter to a relative

Write a poem

Walk along Hadrian’s wall

Walk the coastal path (or part of it – North Wales is nice)

Visit a castle or stately home


Climb the Eiffel Tower

Climb the Sagrada Familia Complete

Duke of Edinburgh award

Start an enterprising activity

Swim with a dolphin

See a whale in the wild

Sing Volunteering (BCTV)

Rock climbing


Raft building

Visit a beach e.g. Formby or Ainsdale

Navigate the London underground

Yoga / wellbeing session

Go to an opera

Mountain biking at a UK trail centre

Ride a bike

Visit a farm (to understand where our food comes from)

Be a volunteer for a day – old peoples home/community centre etc.

Walk a dog

Camping Star gazing/learn about the stars

Gardening/grow vegetables/flowers

Learn a skill – sewing/cooking/crafting/knitting

Run a 5k or 10 k

Climb the tallest mountain in the UK

Walk the 3 peaks

Write/direct/act in a short film (link to Media here)

Raise/be part of raising a significant amount of money for charity

Raise/be part of raising awareness for an important topic.

Live with a foreign family for a week/take a foreign pupil into their home


Join a club

Visit the T Rex dinosaur in Manchester museum

Train with a world class athlete

See the northern lights

Fly in a plane

Watch (a really good) live band

See the ballet / theatre/live musician/ musical – a good one!

Play to an audience

Learn an instrument Learn a new language

Exhibit art/photography in a public place

Write a short story/poem

Learn sign language

Watch a film at the cinema

Organise and run a club for peers or younger pupils

This entry was posted on May 22, 2018