'Educake' Online Science Resource

The science department would like to draw parents/carers and students attention to Educake.

Educake provides online homework and revision for science. It’s based on a bank of about 10,000 specification-mapped questions. They’re automatically marked, they accept spelling mistakes, and they’ve been written by authors, who are Science teachers and specialist subject editors.

Teachers set tests in Educake by choosing an area of the specification and then selecting the questions they’d like to assign to their students. When their students log in, they’ll see the test at the top of the page. When they take the test they’ll get immediate feedback and so will the teacher.

All of a class’ responses and marks are displayed on a results grid for the teacher. Teachers can comment on individual questions or on a whole test.

Educake shows them clearly what their best and weakest topics are, so they understand what they need to revise and study. Then, at a click of a button, Educake can create an automatic revision test for them on any topic they choose.

It also produces a league table those pupils trying hard will receive rewards.

This entry was posted on November 2, 2018