Bolton College Photography Competition 2019: Little Lever Entries

LL Daniel Hurst 2

Each year the school submits a number of entries to Bolton College's inter-school photography competition. Last year the school won two out of the three prizes on offer, with the work of Katy Rossington and Dawoud Ahmed.

Please enjoy below all the entries submitted to the 2019 competition from students in Years 9, 10 and 11. The school is confident it will achieve more success this year. We will post the results as soon as we receive them.

LL Abbie Crilly

LL Abbie Crilly2

LL Abbie Crilly3

LL Amy Mulholland

LL Amy Wilcock

LL Amy Wilcock2

LL Amy Wilcock3

 LL Aniqah Ahktar 2

LL Aniqah Ahktar

LL Csenge Kosaras

LL Csenge Kosaras2

LL Csenge Kosaras3

LL Daniel Hurst 2

LL Daniel Hurst 3

LL Daniel Hurst

LL Delta Siddall

LL Delta Siddall2

LL Gracie Lowe

LL Gracie Lowe2

LL Gracie Lowe3

 LL Hannah Tipping

LL Hannah Tipping2

LL Hannah Tipping3

LL Jo Walker

LL Jo Walker2

LL Joshua Sellers

LL Kyle Powell

LL Leah Lewis

LL Lucas Howarth

LL Lucy Warburton

LL Molly Gunn

LL Molly Gunn2

LL Shannon Adamson

LL Sophie Hilton 2

LL Sophie Hilton

LL Taya Martin

LL Tegan Daley

LL Tia Hales

This entry was posted on May 7, 2019