ART Year 10 Must-Do Task

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Over the summer holidays all Year 10 students moving into Year 11 are expected to complete the Must-Do Tasks set by each subject area.

Students must bring their completed work on the first week back after the summer holidays for their teachers to mark.

The work is designed to support their learning and ensure they stay on track and fully prepared for their busy Year 11 GCSE year.

Please find below the Art Must-Do Task (this can also be found on the 24/7 learning platform and on the school's Facebook news feed);


Year 10 into Year 11 Summer 2017 Must-Do Task - Art and Design

Mock Exam – Development and Draft Copy

Over the 6 week holiday you must produce three pages of development work based on the drawings you have already   recorded in your sketchbook and a draft copy of your final piece of work.

AO1 DEVELOPMENT Produce three pages of developmentand AO2 Using resources, media and materials.

To do list:

  • Check you have got at least ten drawings or more, related to your chosen question, before you start. 
  • What media would suit the images you want to produce next? E.g. paint, collage, digital, pencil etc. or a mixture.
  • What colours are you going to use?
  • Annotate all your work and justify any links or changed you have made.  E.g. Making links with your chosen artist or a particular media used and say why.
  • You will now decide what you would like to take forward to develop further, making links and deciding what you want to keep or discard.


To do list:

  • You must now produce a DRAFT COPY of your final piece.  Consider this carefully as you will be spending 10 hours on your final piece.
  • Your draft must be no smaller than A4 in size and will reflect your best work.

Remember:  Your final piece is worth 25% of your mock exam.

If you have any work outstanding work (see your PLC) you must do this before you come back in summer.

If you need to buy any materials to complete your work such as a canvas or special paints or paper, bring it on the first lesson back together with all the work you have produced!



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