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    Little Lever's Christmas concert with Foden's Band is a huge success

    On Tuesday 19th December the school hosted its Christmas concert. As always, it was an amazing evening with music from our students, St Matthew’s Primary School and our long standing friends, the Foden’s...

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    Amended Term Dates

    The school's summer term and holiday dates have been amended, please click on the document below to note the changes. Thank you.  School-Terms-and-Holidays-2017.18.pdf[assets/Uploads/School-Terms-and-Holidays-2017.18.pdf]  [assets/Uploads/School-Terms-and-Holidays-2017.18.docx]

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    Year 11 PE must-do task - Xmas work

    Using the mark scheme (PDF) on the VLE 24/7, COMPLETE and FILL in all the answers you left blank or got wrong on your exam paper. Use Doddle to complete unit tests (refer...

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    Year 11 RE must-do task - Xmas work

    Each student in Year 11 will be given the key word glossary for Christianity (AQA Paper 2 Religious Studies) and a blank template on which to practice / learn these (there are...

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    Year 11 Drama must-do task - Xmas work

    Complete practice devising logs on ‘Who’s Watching Who?’ stimuli. You must complete all 5 stimuli (please click on the link below). WWW-Devising-log-upper-ability.pptx[assets/Uploads/WWW-Devising-log-upper-ability.pptx]  You must write in as much detail as possible- tell me what drama techniques/skills...

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    Year 11 Christmas markets reward trip

    On Thursday 14th December, we took 134 Year 11 students to the Manchester Christmas Markets, as a reward for their continued effort and hard work towards their GCSE examinations next summer. The students were...

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    Radiography roadshow comes to school

    On Friday 15th December 2017, four Radiography Undergraduates came into school to talk to the Year 10 and 11 Triple Science students about Radiography as a career. With interactive discussion, detailed insights into...

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    Year 11 food preparation & nutrition must-do task - Xmas work

    If you have a target of grade 5 or above: Collect pictures and menus of foods from different areas/regions or countries e.g. foods from Lancashire, England, Scotland, Northern Spain, Cantonese foods, South America. Categorise...

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    Year 11 science must-do task - Xmas work

    Students have been given back their three November mock exam science papers, which have been marked. The must-do task over the Christmas holiday is to go through each paper and make corrections to...

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    Year 8 Options - online career profile work

    In preparation for our Year 8 students choosing their options, we are asking our students to complete their startprofile.com online profile. They need to complete this before the process starts in January.  The careers...

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