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Pupils with Special Educational Needs

Little Lever School values all its pupils equally and acknowledges that each of them is entitled to a full range of educational experiences and opportunities regardless of intellect or physical ability. The school will promote the individual potential of all its students whilst recognising that some may have SEND.

Pupils with special educational needs are offered a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum which promotes high standards of attainment and achievement. The Learning Support Department co-ordinates provision for pupils identified as having a special educational need.  Pupils are taught within their teaching groups as much as possible. However support may be given in the classroom to support pupils to access the curriculum. Alternatively it can be provided in smaller withdraw groups where pupils follow individual programmes to develop literacy, numeracy or social and emotional skills.

Some pupils may require short term support to improve basic skills whilst others may need support for the whole of their school career.

Learning Support works closely with Pastoral staff and a range of outside agencies from the local authority

Other strands within the Learning Support Department are support for students from ethnic minorities, medical support and gifted & talented support.


Pupils with SEND are admitted in line with Bolton Local Authority (LA) admission criteria.

Little Lever School SEND Policy

The objectives of this policy are to ensure that students with statements of SEND receive the provision identified in the statement and those pupils without statements receive such support as the school considers necessary. In seeking to achieve these objectives, school will have regard to the guiding principles of this policy which are:

·  To identify and provide for pupils who have special educational needs or other needs.
·  To work to the guidelines set out in the SEND Code of Practice 2014.
·  To operate a ‘whole pupil’ approach to the management of special educational needs.
·  To provide a Special Educational Needs Coordinator who will work with the SEND Inclusion policy.
·  To provide advice and support for all staff working with special educational needs pupils.
·  To develop and maintain partnerships with parents.
·  To ensure access to the curriculum for all pupils.
Mrs C. Fernside - Director of Inclusion (SENCO) is a member of the Leadership Team and has designated responsibility for co-ordinating the day to day provision for pupils with SEND.

SEND Report 2014 - Click to download

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