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Respect Charter

In accordance with our ‘Respect Charter’, students and staff are expected to treat other people and the school environment with respect. The Respect Charter was devised by the Student Leadership Committee, in consultation with staff. Its principles are as follows:

respectWe treat everybody with RESPECT

We treat our school environment and community with RESPECT

We are RESPONSIBLE for our learning and the learning of others

We are RESPONSIBLE for our behaviour and how it impacts on others

We CELEBRATE our ACHIEVEMENTS and the achievements of others

We are PROUDINDEPENDENT life-long learners.

The school has clear protocols for the start and end of a lesson to ensure that learning time in every
lesson is maximised. All pupils are made aware of these and they are as follows:

Start of lesson
Teacher / student greeting at the door
Pupils to stand behind chair silently
Uniform check
Equipment on desk
Class registration

End of lesson
Stand behind chairs
Uniform check
Orderly dismissal by teacher

The school places a great sense of importance on the use of rewards. To ensure that students achieve their full potential, we reward students through commendations, positive points on the reward system, awards, positive emails, praise, telephone conversations with parents/carers, certificates, citizenship awards, Headteacher’s certificate and other methods.

It is expected that pupils are properly equipped for each lesson. At the start of the school year every pupil is provided with a clear pencil case with essential equipment in. It is then the pupil’s responsibility to keep and maintain this equipment and to ensure that they bring this to school every day. This is checked by form tutors in a weekly equipment check.

For more information you can download our School Behaviour Policy or our School Respect Charter.