Design Technology

Design Technology

The Technology department aims to encourage students to become independent problem solvers, working in a creative and innovative way, in a variety of skill based areas. Pupils are encouraged to produce high quality outcomes, using practical skills in Food Technology, Resistant Materials, Graphic Products and CAD-CAM. It is our aim to help students develop an understanding of the social, cultural and moral issues of design through investigating real life design situations, target markets and industrial practices. These skills can be further developed at GCSE and provide pupils with practical life skills, as well as preparing them for success in a range of different career opportunities..

Design Technology within school always proves popular with the pupils as we have a vast range of subjects on offer at key stage 3. The pupils follow a rotation system, completing projects in Resistant Materials, Graphic Products and Food Technology. In these areas they will develop skills in research, design, making and evaluating. Each project they undertake centers on a final practical outcome, which the students are always keen to take home. They also undertake a year group STEM Challenge, whereby students work in small groups across the curriculum areas of Technology, Math and Science, to find solutions to relevant real life problems. This is something students can chose to develop further through our extra-curricular STEM club meetings.

“I think that technology is fun and very interesting. You can enjoy yourself while doing work. All the teachers are kind, and help you if you get stuck!” - Abigail Mottershead Yr 8

Design Technology at key stage 4 is a popular option offering pupils the chance to gain GCSEs in, Graphic products, Resistant Materials and Catering. The students will build on and develop skills that they have covered at key stage 3, but ultimately aims to facilitate a deeper understanding of subject knowledge and present students with more challenging, rigorous outcomes.
In Y10, Graphic Product and Resistant Materials students, spend time perfecting and learning relevant skills through a range of theoretical and practical based activities. Y11 offers the students the opportunity to develop their own solutions to design tasks and produce an outcome that is both individual and exciting for them to work on. This requires them to work independently and creatively, and have a strong dedication to the project, as they work on it for around 8 months and it is worth 60% of their final GCSE Grade. They also sit an exam at the end of Y11 that accounts for the remaining 40%.
Catering students follow a slightly different programme in that they will undertake two coursework projects of a slightly smaller nature. The first is in Y10 and is worth 20% and the second builds on practical skill development and is worth 40%. Both course work projects are based around relevant, real life catering tasks such as organising an afternoon tea event.  Like the other options Catering students are also required to sit an exam at the end of Y11 which again makes up 40% of their course.