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The English department staff are a vibrant and committed team of teachers. The vision of every pupil being challenged to achieve their potential sits alongside the vision for the school.   There is a wealth of knowledge and experience within the team. In addition to teaching, a number of the department also work for one of the leading exam boards securing their expertise in different areas of the examinations.

Extra-curricular activities

These include theatre visits, creative writing club and preparation for the national “Poetry By Heart” competition.  We also invite visiting speakers in such as “The Dreadlocked Alien” as well as MANACTO, a leading theatre company who perform Shakespeare’s plays and then hold structured seminars to further investigate his works.

We run revision sessions after school and in the holidays for key stage 4 pupils. Pupils in Key Stage 3 also have access to extra revision and homework clubs after school and at lunch times..

All pupils benefit from having five 50-minute sessions of English per week. These are a combination of language, literature and literacy. Pupils in all year groups access literacy and silent reading sessions during form time.

Departmental aims:
  • To encourage a lifelong love of reading through introducing pupils to a variety of texts and genres, from different ages and cultures.

  • To develop as a confident, stylish and accurate writer.

  • To learn how to communicate effectively with others, through speaking and listening activities.


Pupils will develop their reading skills through exploring a range of texts from Gothic 19th Century texts in year 7 to Shakespeare in year 8. Your child will look at different  Shakespeare plays in full depth across KS3 to ensure that maximum success is obtained at KS4

All pupils will study a range of different written texts and genres from poetry to travel writing, speeches to obituaries.  They will also get the opportunity to try and use those texts as style models and create new and original texts themselves.

Pupils will work in groups and learn to communicate effectively with others, through developing their speaking and listening skills. 


This year we are continuing to develop our resources that have been developed to match the requirements of the new National Curriculum and examination specifications. We have offered an increased level of challenge by exposing our students to some of the higher level texts that they will study for literature, including A Christmas Carol, Macbeth, Lord of the Flies and Blood Brothers. Pupils will also cover a range of poetry and extracts from 19th - 21st century from a vast array of poets and authors. In addition to this, your child will be provided with ample opportunity to create a range of written texts representing both fiction and non-fiction writing. Many of the fiction and non-fiction texts that your child will study will also be the stimulus for the challenging extended writing that they will be expected to complete.

 Although the demands of the reformed GCSE in Language and Literature are extremely high, the department sees it as imperative that pupils develop a love of reading (whether it be analytical or for pleasure) and can be creative and imaginative in their writing.