Art aims to provide students with the opportunities to be independent, creative and explorative practitioners. In the initial years, we teach a range of skills; from drawing, painting, collage, print making, 3 dimensional, photographic and digital art. Students are taught about many different artists, both historical and contemporary and how to make connections with them to their own ideas and designs. A range of art movements and cultural influences are also explored via our art timeline home study projects. As art moves into GCSE studies, students are taught higher level techniques and are exposed to more challenging and thought provoking artists which influences their own ideas and creations. 


In Art and Design we offer a creative and engaging curriculum for our young pupils.  The course provides them with the opportunities to develop their creative confidence, through teaching them a variety of ways in which they can design and develop a range of creative outcomes and personal ideas.  Pupils are taught how to use technical language when critiquing significant artists. This helps them to make informed judgements that they can use to develop their own work.       

Pupils work in sketchbooks where they record, research, analyse, generate ideas, develop them and produce final personal outcomes.  They use a range of techniques and media, Including drawing, painting, printing, collage, sculpture and alternative digital recordings using Photoshop. This increases their proficiency to handle materials and understand how this can improve their work.

Pupils learn about the art, craft and design of different periods and cultures whilst studying the History of Art, including period styles and major movements up to the present day.  This helps pupils to understand the context/s in which the work/s was, or are created.

Pupils have the opportunity to follow the AQA Art and Design, Textiles and Photography GCSE syllabus/s which provides a solid foundation for future progression to any Art related courses offered at A level, vocational courses and Art related careers.

Assessment is by Unit 1: Portfolio of Work 60 per cent and Unit 2: Externally Set Task (Controlled Assessment)40 per cent.

Pupils attend 3 lessons per week and are encouraged to attend extra-curricular art workshops regularly.

Pupils investigate inspiring and stimulating units of work for example:

Art and Design: Identity and Personal Project Work.

Textiles: Natural Forms and Personal Project Work, which can include fashion.

Photography: Urban, Alphabet, Portrait and Personal project Work.

 They build and refine their skills progressively using a wide range of disciplines, including traditional and new media. Pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of traditional and contemporary artists, designers and Photographer through interpretation, engagement and practise.

During the course pupils will:

Develop creative links and critical/contextual understanding through meaningful investigation of artists, designers and Photographers from different periods, places and cultures. Pupils are encouraged to carry out independent art research.

Develop personalised sketchbooks through analytical, experimental and expressive approaches which build their confidence in using a wide range of methods and materials; observational drawing, collage, printmaking, painting, 3D work, mixed media, photography and digital based work.

When annotating their work pupils develop a visual vocabulary to evaluate, interpret and express ideas about their own artwork and that of other artists, designers and photographers. Reflect on learning using self and peer assessment/evaluation.

Produce a personal informed response to the chosen theme which is reflected in the choices of media used. 

Curriculum Enrichment

During year 11 pupils take part in three Creative Art Enrichment workshops based on the ‘Mexican Day of the Dead,’ which includes observational drawing skills, a mixed media drawing and ceramics.

Pupils’ creative talent is celebrated in an annual ‘Best of Bolton Exhibition’ which is a popular event where all Bolton schools are invited to participate, which is organised by Bolton University. Visitors can see the pupil’s personal response to a variety of themes in a variety of media including Drawings, Painting, 3D work, Textiles and Photography. Prizes are awarded for various categories and are proud to say that we have recently won the prize for the best Photography category, which was awarded to Abbie Entwistle for her ‘Reflections’ Piece.

 Extra-curricular workshops are run weekly to support the development of pupils’ skills and research.