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Term Dates & Parent Calendars

The current school term opening and closing dates are as follows.

The school has a plethora of events tailored to different year groups.  For further information please select the specific year calendar from the menu above.


 School Terms and Holidays 2017/18

 Autumn Term

 INSET DAY (School closed to students)       Monday 4th September

OCCASIONAL DAY (school closed)                Thursday 4th January            

Term begins: Tuesday 5th September

INSET DAY (School closed to students)  Monday 2nd October

Half term:  Monday 23rd October – Friday 27th October

Term ends:  Thursday 21st December


Spring Term       

OCCASIONAL DAY (school closed)                Thursday 4th January            

INSET DAY (School closed to students)  Friday 5th January

Term begins: Monday 8th January

Half term: Monday 19th February – Friday 23rd February

Term ends: Friday 23rd March

Good Friday Bank Holiday:Friday 30th March

Easter Monday Bank Holiday:  Monday 2nd April                                                      


Summer Term

 Term begins: Monday 9th April

May Bank Holiday: Monday 7th May

Spring Bank Holiday: Monday 28th May

Half term: Monday 28th May – Friday 1st June

Term ends: Thursday 19th July


Students will be in school for 190 days

Staff will be in school for 195 days