Business Studies

Business Studies

Many of the important issues facing society are linked to business. The Business Studies department aims to develop a spirit of enquiry that gives students the capacity to make reasoned judgements and recommendations, as well as develop the knowledge and skills that are essential for the world of work or for progression into further and higher education. Regular assessment means that all students are appropriately supported to meet their full potential.

Business Studies pupils are required to undertake a small research project into a small local business. Each year to prepare pupils for the controlled assessment a number of small local businesses and entrepreneurs come into school to talk to pupils about their business and personal experience of being an entrepreneur. Pupils are also encouraged to use their own business links as a focus for their assignment.

GCSE Business Studies

Pupils who opt for Edexcel GCSE Business Studies will embark on a course that will equip them with essential knowledge and skills for the world of work and progression onto further and higher education courses. The Business Studies department aims to develop a spirit of enquiry that gives students the capacity to make informed educated decisions. They will undertake a controlled assessment project focussing on a real local business giving them practical hands on experience of key business issues. Guest speakers from local businesses talk to our students and students are encouraged to question and analyse the information given to draw conclusions. The course is broken down into three units:


Unit 1: Introduction to Small Business (25% multiple choice question examination)

Unit 2: Investigating a Business (25% controlled assessment)

Unit 3: Building a Business (50% extended answer examination)


Unit 1

Overview of content

• Spotting a business opportunity 

• Showing enterprise

• Putting a business idea into practice

• Making the start-up effective

• Understanding the economic context.


Unit 2

Overview of content

Same content as Unit 1. However, pupils in this unit will use their new found knowledge as a focus for a small scale research based project.


Unit 3

Overview of content

• Marketing

• Meeting customer needs

• Effective financial management

• Effective people management

• The wider world affecting business.


Recommended Revision Material

Revise Edexcel GCSE Business Revision Guide: Units 1, 3 & 5 by Rob Jones

Revise Edexcel GCSE Business Revision Workbook: Units 1, 3 & 5

Edexcel GCSE Business Exam Skills Practice Workbook – Extend by Keith Hirst and Jonathan Shields