Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

Purpose of Study

We study languages in order to enhance our communication skills and gain a deeper understanding of our own lingua mater, thus developing our literacy skills. The study of languages broadens our horizons through an increased awareness of the wider world, and of our place within a global and diverse society. Studying and speaking other languages demonstrates our interest and openness to people from other countries, showing our respect and facilitating understanding which transcends borders. It opens the doors to a wider world and an infinite number of possibilities. 

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About the Department

French and Spanish at Little Lever School are taught by specialist staff with a deep understanding of the language and enthusiasm for the subject. Three staff teach both French and Spanish and have both spent time living and working in Spain, South America and France. We aim to offer our pupils a solid grounding in grammar whilst equipping them with the key skills for language-learning, both within and beyond the classroom. In KS3 all students receive two periods of language study per week and in KS4 this increases to 3 periods.
Pupils will be continuously assessed through each unit in KS3 and will complete end of unit tests each half-term to show their progress. It is important that students know where they are up to. These assessments will consist of formal written, reading and listening exams, and conversations or presentations based on research and group work. Books are marked fortnightly with constructive feedback as to how to achieve and exceed their targets.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We offer an annual trip to a French Chateau where a variety of day trips are undertaken to experience French culture - such as a visit to a goat farm and chocolate factory. Pupils are able to experience Euro-Disney or take a day trip to Paris. A trip to Madrid is offered to interested pupils who will spend 3 nights in this vibrant city, visiting a theme park, travelling by underground to stadiums, museums and other places of interest using their language and immersing themselves in Spanish culture. There are also cinema trips to watch films in the target language to support listening skills and stimulate cultural interest. The Christmas market trip is a popular event where pupils can buy souvenirs and sample some of the many European delicacies sold during the festive season.

During the school day there are lunchtime language clubs for pupils where they can play interactive games and all Year 7 pupils are entered in a nationwide competition – The Times MFL Spelling Bee where they can impress others with their vocabulary and compete to win a prize.

Essential Mix is the key knowledge and skills that a Year 7 or 8 student must have mastered to progress to the following year.

Click on the link below to view the French Year 7 Essential Mix:


Click on the link below to view the Spanish Year 7 Essential Mix:


Click on the link below to view the French Year 8 Essential Mix:


Click on the link below to view the Spanish Year 8 Essential Mix:


These are the courses run by modern foreign languages for Years 9, 10 and 11. The links take you to the specifications of those courses.

GCSE Spanish (Edexcel)


GCSE French (Edexcel)