At Key Stage 3 we plan to take Year 7 out to the local area to conduct a traffic survey to help build their skills in collecting primary data. They will then use this to create graphs and conclusions about local traffic. This fits in with the first topic studied in Year 7 ‘My Geography’.

 In Year 9 we plan to take pupils to Liverpool or the Trafford Centre this year to investigate tourism or the advantages and disadvantages of out of town shopping centres. This again helps to build pupils’ fieldwork skills in preparation for GCSE.


In Years 7-9 pupils are taught twice a week and at GCSE in Years 10 and 11, pupils have three 50 minute lessons.

Other activities:

In Geography we often run a number of activities to support revision and home learning. We encourage pupils to come and work in our classrooms at lunch time and after school if they wish.

 We also run Easter School for Year 11 pupils due to take their GCSEs. These are sessions specifically designed to help pupils revise and develop study skills in preparation for their summer exam.

 Departmental Aims

Geography at Little Lever is an exciting and diverse subject which encourages pupils to explore the world around them.  It is a subject which will allow pupils to think deeply and critically about the interrelationships between people and its planet.

Geography builds well into other areas of the curriculum around school and develops a range of transferable skills including map reading, graphicacy (the ability to interpret graphs and data), and GIS (Geographical Information Systems such as Google Earth).

In Year 7, pupils will study topics such as, My Geography (which looks at the region and local area), My Beautiful Planet (a broader topic looking at ecosystems around the world), Impossible Places (here, pupils will explore places like Dubai and Las Vegas) and Russia.

In Year 8, pupils will take part in the topics ‘Hotting Up’, ‘London’ and ‘India – A Country of Contrast’.  We are also exploring the idea of an educational visit to London to look at the impacts of the Olympics of 2012.

Geography lessons present challenge and set high expectations of pupils. There will be elements of fieldwork included within the schemes of work and there will be an emphasis placed on the use of a variety of maps, including Ordnance Survey.

Geography at Key Stage 3 will also encourage pupils to consider carefully their wider world and look beyond, school and home. They will consider how humans and the environment interact and how people are impacting on the planet.

In Year 9, to support the learning at GCSE, pupils work on topics such as volcanoes and earthquakes, rivers and coasts as well as tourism. They will also partake in a field visit to the Trafford Centre or Liverpool which will encourage skills such as enquiry and collecting field data in preparation for GCSE.

Equipment at KS3:

While we do require pupils to have any extra equipment for Geography, we do encourage parents and carers to consider purchasing an atlas or globe to have at home. This will help to embed some of the map skills used in Geography at Little Lever and will boost a child’s confidence with regard to location of places.  

At Key Stage 4, pupils study a range of topics from the AQA A Geography specification. It is a challenging and exciting specification where pupil’s skills and knowledge are tested through both Controlled Assessment and two GCSE exams in the summer term of the second year of the course.

Pupils study the topics ‘A Restless Earth’, ‘A Coastal Zone’ and ‘Water on the Land’ in Year 10. In Year 11, pupils then study the human geography aspects of the course which are ‘Changing Urban Environments’, ‘Population’, and ‘Tourism’. Pupils take two exams at the end of Year 11 which will test their knowledge and geographical skills based on these topics. Each exam is worth 37.5% of their final grade.

The Controlled Assessment part of the course is worth 25% of the final GCSE grade and is based on a field trip to Castleton village in the Peak District looking at the impacts of tourism there. Pupils will write a 2000 word assignment based on their findings in Castleton during lessons after the field visit.

Other equipment required at GCSE:

Revision guide – we recommend pupils purchase the revision guide pictured below to support their home based learning and revision. 


In addition to this there are a number of very useful websites to help too:

2015 Results

Geography at Little Lever is celebrating a fantastic year for results where pupils gained 85% A*-C.