Purpose of Study

“Art encourages children to think, developing skills and confidence as they go.” - Mary Ann F. Kohl

Our purpose is to provide students with opportunities to be independent, creative and explorative practitioners. Students develop an understanding of how Art and Design practices influence our everyday lives through the study of contextual knowledge and skills based activities. We develop students abilities foremost in the area of drawing, both observational and imaginative.

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About the Department

The art department consists of three full-time teachers with skills in fine art, photography and digital processes, textiles and 3D work. There are three dedicated art rooms in school with access to up-to-the-minute digital equipment. Year 7 and 8 students are taught over one lesson a week. Students who opt to take art or photography as a GCSE subject are taught over three lessons a week. Students work in sketchbooks where they record all their classwork and homework. They learn the skills of drawing, painting, printing, collage, sculpture and alternative digital recordings using Photoshop. Pupils also  learn about the art, craft and design of different periods and cultures. This helps pupils to understand the context in which the work is created.


Essential Mix is the key knowledge and skills that a Year 7 or 8 student must have mastered to progress to the following year.

Click on the link below to view the art Year 7 Essential Mix:


Click on the link below to view the art Year 8 Essential Mix:


Student work

Year 7 Shoe Project


Year 7 Hundertwasser Project


 Year 8 Portrait Project


Year 8 Lettering Project


These are the courses run by art for Years 9, 10 and 11. The link takes you to the specifications of those courses.

GCSE Art & Design (AQA)

GCSE Photography (AQA)

GCSE Textiles Fashion (AQA)

Student work

Art & Design: Day of the Dead Project

 Ellie W2


Art & Design: Everyday Objects Project


Photography: Urban Project

LL Jo Walker

Photography: Portrait Album Cover Project

Blacklisted with title

Textiles Fashion: Sustained Project

Megan Stockton